Empowering You; Improving your Relationship with Food

Preferred Nutrition Staff

Healing is about opening our hearts, not closing them. It is about softening the place in us that won’t let love in. Healing is a process.” -Geneen Roth

Our Specialties Include:

  • Nutrition Counseling – Focusing on individual health goals with an emphasis on nutrients, not calories or deprivation. Includes intuitive eating, learning to find your natural weight, grocery store tours, cooking, and more.
  • Eating Disorder Recovery – Individual, groups, and an intensive outpatient program.
  • Intuitive & Mindful Eating – As Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors, we believe that when given the proper tools, you can learn to trust your body and eat intuitively again.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy- Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, Food Allergies & Intolerance, Maternal/Childhood Nutrition and more.
  • Groups– We offer a variety of groups including support groups.

We are registered & licensed dietitians/nutritionists who can guide you in developing an individual, whole health lifestyle plan to help achieve your personal health goals and make you feel good again! We don’t believe in being confused, being hungry or having little energy to get through the day because of dieting.

Serving the entire Jacksonville, FL metropolitan area including Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, and the Southside. We look forward to getting to know you!