Groups & Workshops

Our groups and workshops are a cost-effective & powerful way to learn and experience with others.
100% of the proceeds go to local charities in our community.


Making Peace with Food

Alternating Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Join us for coffee, conversation and connection in a supportive environment for those who are tired of dieting and on a journey towards health and wellness.  Learn mindful and intuitive tools to develop greater body trust and a healthier relationship to food. Please call 904-270-1234 for more information and to reserve your spot.

Thank you for this group on Monday nights. I know it is because of both of you and the group that I am feeling better. I appreciate the encouragement, time, and expertise you share with us. It is nice to be hopeful again :)

Eating Disorder Support Group for Adults

Mondays 6:30-8:00p.m. Join a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from their eating disorders. We focus on the solution, not the problem. Solutions have to do with recognizing life choices and making them responsibly. Action leads to recovery.  Led by a Licensed Therapist and Registered Dietitian. Please call 904-270-1234 to reserve your spot.


Yoga for Every Body

Alternating Fridays.   Donation-based class for all body types, intended to be low impact and help to develop and/or maintain the body’s circulation, flexibility and strength. No equipment or experience required.   Please call 904-270-1234 or email to reserve your spot. 


Food Synergy for Detox

Learn the potential exposures our water and food supply, nutrients and foods that can help detoxify, and  create a meal for balance.   Cost $25.  Please call (904) 270-1234 for more information.


Coming Soon: Plant-Based Nutrition: Round 2

An interactive, follow-up workshop to Plant-based Nutrition 101. Designed for those interested in integrating more of Mother Nature’s finest into their lives; this time we are focusing on food-preparation techniques, meal planning, and much more sampling (please let us know ahead of time of any food allergies). 


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At this time of Thanksgiving, I wanted to reach out and give thanks to you. When I met you I felt like a hamster going around and around on the same old wheel. You taught me that stuffing your feelings with food isn’t the answer. Now that I’ve made peace with food my heart is open to other things, and I am learning that love can set you free. Thank you for showing me the way to true happiness. You will always be special to me.