Intuitive Eating: A Non-Diet Approach to Health

We embrace what is known as an intuitive eating approach to nutrition which promotes balance, variety, and moderation in food choices. We have nonjudgmental attitudes toward food and we believe that when we learn to listen and attend to our hunger and fullness as well as enjoy the food we choose, then weight stabilizes without having to diet. Utilizing the intuitive eating model you begin to recognize your biological cues to hunger and fullness.

Intuitive Eating Includes:

  • Learning to free yourself from the diet mentality
  • Developing individualized food plans
  • Conquering food and body image anxiety
  • Tuning into hunger and fullness awareness
  • Optimal food intake for health and weight
  • Bring the fun back into food!

If you have struggled over and over with diets and/or have a history of binging or overeating and you’re ready to free yourself from the diet cycle, we can help. Everyone’s journey is different, so we work with you at your own pace to help guide you towards a more intuitive approach to eating.


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