Food For Thought | Intuitive Eating: The Path to Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

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Sometimes, when people are first introduced to the concept of Intuitive Eating, it seems incredibly radical to them. A life without dieting and food rules? What?!?!! In actuality, eating intuitively is connecting with, and eating like, your inner child. Have you ever met a toddler that intentionally restricts calories or carbohydrates? Of course not! Children are the epitome of intuitive eaters and here are four reasons why channeling your inner child and eating intuitively is rational, not radical.


  1. Children give themselves unconditional permission to eat and are the masters of honoring their hunger and fullness. They eat when they are hungry, are not afraid to ask for seconds, stop eating when they are full, and do not feel that they have to finish all of the food on the plate just because it is there.
  2. Children are at peace with food and do not label or judge it. They will eat a cookie simply because they want a cookie, and unless they have been influenced by someone, would never label the cookie as “bad” or “junk.”
  3. Children necessitate satisfaction from food. They don’t choose foods just because they are “good for them.” You won’t find a toddler who willingly drinks a green smoothie if they don’t actually like it as well!
  4. Children are not innately emotional eaters. Before they develop positive coping mechanisms they might kick and scream and throw tantrums when they are upset, but this is their way of truly honoring and handling their emotions. Food doesn’t solve problems and kids understand this.

So go ahead, channel your inner child and intuitive eater! Give yourself unconditional permission to eat what you want, when you want it. Honor yourself, make peace with food, and choose foods that nurture your body, mind, soul, and taste buds, just like you did before you ever heard the word “diet.”

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