>Looky what I got....


Met Up with my friend Linda tonight for some catching up and holiday gifting....we both love snowmen!
...and running!
how bout these!
Perfect for that long run when you get tired of the gel and just want to chew.
Why figs? Good source of potassium, carbs, and a little sodium. And they taste yummy.
And looky what I got....another snowman....packed with fuel!

mint chocolate...how festive....and vanilla orange cream....

and another fav. pineapple!
a new gel to try accel. can't find their accelerade anymore, but this gel has the
same great 4:1 carb:protein blend. and caffeine's always helpful on the long ones.

and a little more to chew....peanut butter yum.....

How's that for a runner's gift idea!
I think he looks happy here.....AND I think I'm ready for Disney!