New Year, New You?

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How often do we hear this phrase this time of year? Too often. What if instead of constantly trying to change ourselves, we express our gratitude? Or maybe we take a look inward and learn to appreciate our uniqueness and gifts we have to offer others? Or maybe, just maybe, we learn to truly be ourselves.

This time of year also brings with it an onslaught of advertisements for various diet programs, detoxes, cleanses, etc.  Our body has an amazing ability to cleanse itself; instead of subjecting it to pills and powders, treat it well. This means that we tune into our bodies and learn to honor our true hunger and fullness cues, take time to relax and have fun with people who bring us joy, find movement we enjoy, and take time to rest.

Join us in the month of January to learn to care for your body with nourishing food and movement using an intuitive, non-diet approach. If you’re tired of dieting and looking for a better way to improve your health, join us for our support group on Monday evenings for those looking to break the diet cycle. If groups aren’t for you, we also offer individual nutrition counseling to help you meet your goals.

So this year, instead of a new you, just BE YOU!