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Our groups and workshops are a cost-effective & powerful way to learn and experience with others.

Group Room


Binge Eating & Non-Diet/Intuitive Eating Group
Support for those who are tired of dieting and are on a non-diet journey towards health and wellness. Please call for more information.

Eating Disorder Anonymous Support Group for Adults
Tuesdays 6:00-7:00p.m. Please call 904-241-3113 to schedule an orientation and reserve your spot.

Meal Support
Times vary, please call for more information.


I cannot actually believe that it took me 35 years to get to a nutritionist, BUT if it meant that I made the best choice on the first try then I am happy with it!  I met with Marilyn several times to discuss issues related to eating and exercise.  She provided me with an approachable plan that worked well for me, and that was the best part…she listened, got to know me, and helped me to understand the importance of health and nutrition, not “diet”.  I then participated in an 8 week support group based on the book “Intuitive Eating” with several other women that was led by Marilyn and Jen.  I looked so forward to that Monday night each week.  After several months of hard work, I truly feel free of the burden of the abnormal relationship I have had with food most of my life.  I also feel like I have continued support when I need it in Marilyn, Jen, and the other women in my group.  I recommend Preferred Nutrition to friends and to clients.  I am so grateful for the life changing effect Marilyn’s care has had on me! -MB