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If you feel frustrated with diets and out of touch with your physical hunger, we can help guide you to gain self-trust and allow your weight to stabilize without dieting.

Diets and weight loss plans that leave you feeling hungry or exclude food groups are just plain wrong – a healthy diet includes all foods! We are nutrition professionals that specialize in utilizing a non-diet approach to help you re-claim your self-esteem, boost your body-image, and improve your relationship with food.

The freedom to “not diet” is incredible.
-T.H, Atlantic Beach

A typical program includes an initial assessment where you sit down with a Registered Dietitian and discuss your goals. Together you develop a plan that addresses your needs and fits your lifestyle and schedule. Examples of some tools used during the process:

  • Individual assessment/plan
  • Regular meetings based on your schedule & goals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Building skills to help you break the diet cycle

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After years of struggling with my weight, I was extremely frustrated  and on the verge of resorting to weight loss surgery.  I had high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, and reflux issues, and was taking all sorts of medicines to keep it under control.

I’d attended a weight-loss surgery support group, during which several individuals who had successfully undergone weight loss surgery were giving their own testimonials.  I listened with care, and a consistent message from each person was that once they had their surgery, they were required to eat a sustained low calorie diet, and were exercising regularly.  They also talked about the restrictive needs of avoiding sweets because post surgery, sweets consistently made them extremely sick.  I had this epiphany that if I were to eat less and exercise daily, I would lose the weight without the surgery.  I also was honest with myself that I did not want to have to completely give up sweets for the rest of my life. – – But how to diet, after having felt burned out from years of on-and-off dieting, really left me at a loss. – – I had lost count of how many diets I’d tried. – – Calorie counting…did that for years, and the thought of writing down what I ate would immediately sent me off a diet;  Carb-free eating…been there, done that….I was either perfect, or binging, and there was nothing in between. – – After failing at diets for years, I decided to go see a nutritionist for guidance, only to realize I had not failed on the diets…the diets had failed me! – – After a few very supportive meetings with Marilyn Dahl at Preferred Nutrition, I FINALLY got that I did not need to be dieting at all!  It was about lifestyle change. I learned that depriving myself of what I enjoy eating would just set me up for binging later. And by saying “I was good today” or “I was bad today” I was setting myself up for failure. It is all about making choices.  Realizing that was very empowering. – – Marilyn helped me understand that it was not that I was good or bad, it was that I was making healthful or less healthful food choices!  Marilyn helped me learn to listen to my body’s hunger cues, and if I really wanted some junk food, that was fine. It was funny, but knowing that it was no longer off-limits made me not crave it! – – I also worked with a personal trainer to get my exercise habits in order, and the combination of healthful eating and exercise finally brought the sustained weight management that has evaded me for years! To top that off, my blood pressure and blood sugar are well under control and I am off all medications! – – Thanks, PREFERRED NUTRITION!  You changed my life! – S.N.