>9 Miler....and some new running buddies!


Headed downtown @ 5 am for a 9 miler with fuel packed
Hammer Gel Unflavored, a few lifesaver gummies for variety and new GU Roctane....sounds kinda like rocket fuel! "Ultraendruance energy gel" Similar in calories and carbs, but higher in sodium + potassium and "Roctane Amino Blend" + caffeine. Vanilla orange flavor...kinda like a creamsicle?

And here's our new group (plus and minus a few) Jill and I are doing the Marine Corp Half Marathon next weekend and found out Leslie and Caroline are signed up too! We recruited a few more from the group and we'll see how we
do. Temperatures are spose to be cooler, let's hope.

And fuel? Jill liked the roctane and the Pumpkin donuts did me just fine!