>Running with Marines...


It's dark out....down by Alltell Stadium and the Wall...getting ready for the Marine Corps Half Marathon.
Check out Jill's number....Lucky or What?

Here's Paul...He reported taking a GU at 6:30, with one in the pocket for half way, and picking up one at mile 10. He placed 1st in age group! Way to go!

Beautiful run with 2500+ people headed through downtown Jax, over the Mainstreet AND Acosta bridge through beautiful Riverside and Avondale and back minus the bridges.

We each did a Hammer at 6:30 am, a Roctane (jet fuel!) at 6 mile and picked up a GU at the 10 mile. Lots of H20 and Powerade along the way. It was comfy until the last 4 miles in the sun. And the final bell...

1000   451   67  Jill McCann, 2:23:48    11:04
1003   450   12  George Dahl, 2:23:47   11:04

Not Bad! 

Next week...10.5 miles starting at the School Board.  Cya on the road!