>Wet, sick, and drippy!

>No photos today, or Jill....who's out with a bug. Dang, and it feels like July out there with temperature down at the duck pond in San Marco 81 and humidity 100% and that was 5am! Forward Motion gathered at 6am (still dark) for a 10.5 run thru downtown, ah the bridges early in the run, and back to the river. The pack was clearly split between those that ran the Marine Corp half last week, and those that didn't. A little less pep in the step for those that did. Fuel today didn't seem to help. Half pbj before the run, Hammerhead plain at 4.5 miles (was getting hungry), a mini lara bar at 8 mi and lots of H20. My group beat me in. Remember, running in this type of conditions is like running at altitude....cya on the road!