>A little diddy....


Running in Fernandina Beach....one of my fav's!!!
Beaches, Amelia Island Runners,
The Greenway and Pirates!!!

Pre-Flight meal...another fav...

...burgers and fries!

LOTS of pickles....

TOMCAT approves..."me some!"

Here's the course. Out through the fort, on to the longest pier I've ever run in my life, watching sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, a rainbow, and thru the oldest shrimping town in the US.

Fueling Options....Jill requested more Roctain. Remember, Rocket Fuel?
Orange Cream and a new flavor, Pineapple. I'm in the mood for a more savory run, tired of the sweet so packing some pretzels, a few newtons and lifesaver gummies.

Jill and Jen gettin ready....it's always dark when we start.
Left home at 4:45, and no wrong turns! Start time 6am.

and here's the Team - Forward Motion-....finishing 12 miles w/ a pace of 11:30....a little fast guys, but look at those smiles. The pineapple roctane reminded me of pineapple topping....next time bring the ice cream!

And Caroline sporting her marine corps half mara shirt....thumbs up girl!

On to breakfast, with a farmer's market on the way!!!
Jen is stoked....fresh stuff....

Gotta luv the Boy Scouts selling popcorn...looks like a Corn Husker!

Even "Taco" is enjoying the market!

mmmmmm....fresh breads.....

But this stand stood out....friendly people....

A mission...When our family sits down to eat,
we thank the lord and the little farmer for what we eat.

Here's my final booty - fresh squash, turnips and greens, tomatoes and some of Jane's home canned dill pickles. Jen loaded up on green beans. Holy Yum!

Finally, breakfast...
Quite a varied menu, from tacos to sandwiches. We eyed the scrambled eggs paired with toppings. What's scrambled eggs with SPOT?
Our cute waiter with flowers in his hair clarified, Spinach, Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes. Sounded Good. Jen opted for SMOT - subbing mushrooms for peppers.

So what's that?

Ooops...turns out SPOT is NOT....it's Sausage, Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes :(
But he quickly changed it out no problemo.
Now that's SPOT!

And Jen's SMOT, with the creamiest grits you ever ate.

Jill got her SPOT with potatoes....and chup!
Happy SPOT! :)

Saturday run - a fun little 6 mi diddy
down by the river and over the bridges and
oh, and Florida Georgia weekend!
Look out Jacksonville!