Cool Down Food

This morning started with an easy spin on the beach cruiser with CC and DAD. Could not get enough water and came home hungry....
For more "water" in the form of cooling fruit.
That's a yellow watermelon (DAD says he doesn't like it but I thought it was delish), mixed with berries and peaches. (On sale at Publix, but a deal at Fresh Market for $.98 per pound!)
After a shot of vitamin, I topped my fruit with granola and milk.


Gonna go back for peaches today and pick up some more of this - so refreshing and me thinks a wee bit less expensive than Perrier. On the calendar today...Develop a mantra. A particular work or phrase to help you calm down and relax. Write it down, think it, and repeat it any time you feel stressed, impatient, or anxious. Barb's mantra on the beach before the swim was singing Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive" What's your mantra?