Declutter and Tri..Barb's up!


Been working at home a few days....It's amazing how much you can get done...and how much it stacks up!Yes, that's the stain can in the thick of it....still staining the floor.

Love the home "work uniform" but it was Friday and on my calendar was declutter something.

Ta Da! On the calendar today is a massage and it was time for Barb to Tri...

We practiced last weekend.

Barb transitioning from South Jax Beach.

Always happy when the swim is done....

Today is show time for Barb in Fernandina... up at dark!

Packing up the transition area.

So glad that run was done.....nice event with plenty and I mean plenty of iced down water. We had a bite of bagel, some watermelon but passed on the hot dogs. Then we stopped at Starbucks for our usual....Barb's ginormous Iced coffee and me a soy latte. Long ride home and ready for some real food. It was noon!

Had a bowl of oatmeal (ate it so fast didn't take a photo) then some yummy eggs with what else, Roma off to the massage...ahhhhhhh!