>Giddy Up!!!


Only 4 more days til the 3rd annual 26.2 with Donna marathon. This will be my second marathon in 2 months. Whew....I'm exhausted. George and I have been training for these marathons since August 2009. I have met a lot of great people and new friends along the way.

This weekends race should start in the 40's and in up in the 60's. Even though the temps are cooler now, its still important to remember hydration as well as fuel. As a Dietitian, I have a a lot of knowledge as to what our body needs......let me tell you....its a lot different to put into practice. I have learned so much about my fueling and hydration needs throughout this process. The thing that still cracks me up is listening to soo many runners continuing to talk "Low Carb"....come on.....this is our bodies main source of energy. We cannot get through a run without proper nutrition. I have had many questions regarding high fiber foods before, during and after the run. Generally we advise to stay away from high fiber foods if you are prone to GI upset. On the flip side, high fiber stays with us longer and prevents burnout. For whatever race you are training for.....make sure you try out new foods/hydration before the big day. Your nutrition schedule is just as important as your training schedule.