The Calendar and Journaling

Recapping the calendar for last week I've managed to complete everything as scheduled.
  • Monday - support with Intuitive Eating Group
  • Tuesday - Break a sweat with a HOT run
  • Wednesday -BREATHEeeeeee.....
  • Thursday - Held Hands
  • Friday - decluttered the desk!
  • Saturday - a massage after my second try at the tri
  • Sunday - the mantra for the day was COOOOOOL
Not Bad! I've learned that changecan be good and if you schedule it,you'll do it.
Yesterday I slept in - heavenly!Today on the calendar is Journal - That's a tough one for me, something I've never been able to do. Talking to Jen, she broke it down into steps for her success: One day, buy the journal, next scheduled day just write something "it doesn't have to be long".I still have a few hours to complete this one. Do you journal? How do you do it?